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Document Management

Get a Document Management Solution tailored to fit your needs!

Objectively designed to be a tool for collaboration and intranet building, SharePoint was intended to provide a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information. SharePoint has a variety of services and features from organizing, storing & managing documents in form loosely structured document libraries to specialized sites, precisely Team Sites

A classic SharePoint Document Management System, referred to as DMS, uses the following data properties for managing documents:

  • Metadata – to tag documents
  • Content Types – to categorize different documents
  • Metadata Navigation – to help users find the documents
  • Permission Settings – to confine the document to the user/reader/editer of choice

Why choose TrueTech as your solution developer?

A well-designed solution must be adaptable, intuitive and custom-built to fit your business needs and processes. We are proficient in developing systems that intelligently handle critical documents or informal documents exactly as per your unique requirements.

We analyse the document management lifecycle from creation to archiving based on the how the documents are processed internally within your organization.

Our developed solutions for document management use SharePoint and other available Microsoft technologies to their fullest. To mention a few key building blocks for our document management solutions, we use the following services from Microsoft for an intuitive and personalized document handling:

  • SharePoint / Office365
  • Forms
  • Workflows
  • Social Collaboration Tools e.g. Microsoft Team
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Enterprise Search

Our advisors can facilitate you to examine and map out your business document procedures and requirements and create an exceptional document management solution that caters for your critical or everyday business procedures.