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Business Intelligence

Better decision making & prediction development based on your business objectives!

Business intelligence is an umbrella term, technologically used for computing, data overlooking & analysing business operations/processes to optimize performance. BI is used to create a comprehensive view of business to help the stakeholders make better & actionable decisions.

Examples of BI’s practical implementations are datamining, real-time reporting, business analytics, querying, data visualization, statistical analysis & data preparation for the next business milestone.

Why’s BI important?

Today, digital transformation has created an overwhelming influx of knowledge & information and it is not slowing down. Data is everywhere – all the time! Data is the core of every single business process for an organization of any size.

So, to put it simply BI helps the organizations to make better business decisions by showing historical & present data within the business context.

Data analysis tools & techniques using BI can offer multiple advantages to organizations. To name a few:

  • Create performance benchmarks
  • Analyse consumer behaviour
  • Compare data with competing businesses
  • Identify market trends
  • Predict success for new ventures
  • Optimize company operations
  • Identify business issues & problems

Tools for BI

Many user-friendly business intelligence tools streamline the analysis process, making it easier for people to understand their data without the technical know-how. One of the most common & user-friendly way to present BI is data visualization.

Visualizations compiled into dashboards can easily tell a story and highlight trends or patterns, that otherwise might not be easy to find in raw data. Leading to a broader business impact, is accessibility which enables more conversations around the data.

A wide range of user-friendly tools provided by Microsoft & intensely used by Truetech are:

  • MS Excel
  • DataZen
  • Power BI
  • SharePoint
  • SQL Server Reporting Services